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Online Entry for Scottish Mid-Amateur Championship 2021 - 54 holes Southerness

Monday 27th September 2021


54 holes at Southerness Golf Club
Entry Fee
• Non tour member £145
• Tour member £135
• Golf club member £65 (contact to arrange entry)
Closing Date: Monday 20th September 2021

Terms of the Competition
1. Format
1.1 The tournament will be played over 54 holes of stroke play.
1.2 Prizes will be for places in both lowest net and gross. These prizes will be in each category; Mid-Amateur (Over 35) and Senior (over 50). If there is a tie, then the winner will be decided by a playoff - light depending.
1.3 This tournament will count towards the Order Of Merit (OOM) for each category in both Gross and Nett. Please see the OOM section of the website for more details.
1.4 NB: individuals who are over 50 and play Mid-Amateur events will have OOM points awarded in both OOM’s, however, there will always be only one of those positions recognised, with Mid-Amateur taking precedence.

2. Eligibility
2.1 All players must be of Amateur Status as defined by The Rules of Amateur Status.
2.2 Open to male amateur golfers of all nationalities who are over the age of 35 on the first day of the Championship.
2.3 Handicap not exceeding 18 under the CONGU Unified Handicapping System.

3. Registration
This is on the first day of the tournament, at least 30 minutes before the tee time.

4. Rules of Golf
The Championship shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf and such Local Rules and
Terms of the Competition.

5. Entries
5.1 A maximum of 84 competitors shall play in the Championship.
5.2 Please enter online at, you will need basic personal details and CDH number to do so. Payment will be taken at that time. If any entrant is unsuccessful, payment will be refunded.
5.3 Entries by telephone can be made, please call the number on contact information on the website.
5.4 Refunds will only be accepted if your entry is filled by another after your withdrawal.
5.5 The Ballot process for this tournament is based on date of entry. There may be future tournaments based on handicap ballot.
5.6 O35tour Ltd reserves the right to approve, refuse or cancel entries, without giving the reason for its decision. The O35tour decision will be final.

6. Withdrawals
6.1 If a player withdraws, the cost of entry will only be refunded if that place in the tournament is taken by another person.

7. Reserves
7.1 If there are any reserves, their place will be offered to them from 1st position in descending order based on date of entry.

8. Transportation
During a round (including practice), a player between the age of 35 and 49 or their caddie must not ride on any form of motorised transportation except as authorised or later approved by the O35tour for medical reasons.

9. Dress Code
Please refer to the club’s dress code

10. Inclement Weather
If the weather, in the opinion of the O35tour is not reasonably suitable to play golf, then the tournament will be called off, or, at the discretion of the O35tour may be reduced to 18 holes. Refunds / refund type will be considered on a case by base basis.

11. Winner, Prizes and Decision of Ties
11.1 The Winners shall be presented with prizes during the Prize Presentation.
11.2 Prizes shall be awarded to the first 2 places in each category, in gross and nett.
11.3 Ties for first place will be decided by playoff.

12. Policies & Procedures
All events played in England, Scotland or Wales, the relevant Unions’ Golf policies apply, as appropriate, to their Golf Championships. They include but are not limited to:
• Anti-Doping Regulations
• Code of Conduct
• Equality Policy
• Gender Policy
• Pace of Play Policy
• Safeguarding Policy
• Transportation Policy (including provisions for people with disabilities)
All relevant policies are available to be viewed on each of the relevant unions’ golf website.

13. Liability

Neither the Club nor O35tour Ltd can be held responsible for the loss of or damage to,
equipment or personal possessions.

14. The O35tour supports ready golf. If you are ready to play and one of your playing partners is not, then please play away.
Entry for this competition is balloted to 84 entries. Online entry does not guarantee a place in the final competition.
This competition requires that fees be paid to complete entry. If the payment process is not completed, your entry may be removed.


A valid CDH ID is required to enter this competition. Please contact your home club if you do not know it.

English & Welsh Lifetime IDs may be used.


A valid CDH ID is required to enter this competition. Please contact your home club if you do not know it.

English & Welsh Lifetime IDs may be used.


A valid CDH ID is required to enter this competition. Please contact your home club if you do not know it.

English & Welsh Lifetime IDs may be used.

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